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Manage, govern & secure your Microsoft Teams Workspace

Our flagship product, ezTeam, is a Microsoft certified native SaaS application that boosts Microsoft Teams productivity with IT automation and lifecycle management to manage, govern and secure your Microsoft Teams workspace.

Manage & Protect
Microsoft Teams

By automating the tasks of reviewing and auditing members of your teams.

Enhance Microsoft
Teams Security

With attestation policies and ongoing compliance with an easy-to-use governance interface.

Instate Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management

To avoid uncontrolled sprawls and disorganization that hinders productivity.

Business Insights Action
on Your Teams

By getting you answers to important metrics, allowing you to make better business decisions.

How to Achieve a Win-Win Outcome in the Microsoft Teams Tug-of-War

Collaboration can create massive IT sprawls.

Businesses need policies and controls to mitigate risk,
while ensuring a positive employee digital experience.

Business Needs                                                Employee Experience

Security, compliance & governance                                   More collaboration through Teams

Structure & visibility                                                               More self-service to Teams Owners

Controls                                                                                       More employee workspace flexibility

Do more with less support staff                                          Speed of service

Automation                                                                             Increase productivity

Smart Lifecycle = Smart Teams =
Smart Business

ezTeam turbocharges how you manage, govern and secure all work done in Microsoft Teams, so that you can spend less time worrying about compliance and governance, and more time collaborating on that next project or great idea.


We made it EZ for you to manage, govern & secure your Microsoft Teams Workspace


Get powerful business insights of your Teams environment allowing you to make better business decisions


Enhance your Teams security through periodic access, membership, shared links, and Team activity reviews


Use policy-based protection
that proactively shields your Team against unwanted members


Failure on compliance can be expensive, emphasizing the need to automate the review of externally shared information


Obtain traceable requests and approvals for Teams creation, access and changes


Increase productivity by reducing time for IT support through self-service


Through self-service, users will be able to use more functionalities in Teams with controls

Why EnterprizID ?

Experienced Leadership

EnterprizID boasts a strong Leadership Team and Board of Advisors, comprising of software industry veterans to provide strategic guidance from invaluable experience.

Focus on Development

Through advanced research & development, our flagship product, ezTeam is a certified Microsoft Teams application, leading the way in delivering self-service, flexible administration and management capabilities that are fast to deploy and easy to use – so you never have to sacrifice speed of productivity to keep teamwork safe, secure and compliant.

Specialized Skills

Specializing in Microsoft Office 365 application development with a focus on Microsoft Teams, EnterprizID is committed to helping companies improve collaboration and productivity whilst ensuring management standards and security controls.

Manage, govern & secure your
Microsoft Teams Workspace